Give Your Colfax, CA, Home a Brighter Tomorrow with a Solatube® Tubular Skylight From Byers

Tubular Skylight Colfax CAOpening your window blinds is one way to bring natural light into your home, but there’s a limit to how much illumination you can get that way. While some areas receive prolonged exposure, other locations are simply too far from exterior walls to ever get direct sunlight. If only there was a way to direct sunlight wherever you needed it inside your home, then you would be able to take advantage of all those blue-sky days California is so famous for. Thankfully, harnessing more of the sun’s abundant free energy isn’t a pipe dream.

It’s more like a tube dream.

At Byers, we can install a Solatube® tubular skylight at your home in Colfax. These innovative products use a highly reflective duct to direct sunlight from a dome on the roof to an interior room. Whether you want to light a bedroom, bathroom, hallway, or closet, our experienced installers can complete the job quickly – usually in just a few hours – with a minimum of disruption to your home. Solatube skylights use an innovative design to capture the maximum amount of light no matter what position the sun is in, so you’ll be able to rely on a consistent light level throughout the entire day. But that’s just the beginning of the benefits you can expect when you add a tubular skylight to your home. Solatube lighting systems also feature:

  • A leakproof design so you’ll never have to worry about moisture incursion
  • A soft-glow nightlight powered by a battery that charges during the day
  • A variety of decorative fixtures so you’ll be able to select a look that perfectly complements your room’s décor
  • Four different lenses to vary the color of the light, its intensity, or both
  • Optional add-ons such as ventilation kits for bathrooms and laundry rooms, compact fluorescent lights, and dimmer switches

Furthermore, your Solatube tubular skylight will qualify for a 26% federal tax credit, so not only will you save on future utility costs, but also on the expense of your home improvement project.

To learn more about the benefits of adding a tubular skylight to your Colfax home, contact Byers today and schedule a no-obligation consultation. And be sure to ask about financing available to eligible clients.

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