A Tubular Skylight From Byers Will Help Auburn, CA, Residents See Their Home in a Whole New Light

Tubular Skylight Auburn CAA tubular skylight can provide natural lighting for any room in your Auburn, California, home. More versatile than a traditional skylight and far less structurally intrusive, a tubular skylight uses a highly reflective duct to direct sunlight into your home from a small dome on the roof, providing illumination that not only reduces electrical consumption, but also provides numerous health benefits such as elevating mood, reducing stress, and facilitating a deeper, more restful sleep. At Byers, we offer and install Solatube® Daylighting Systems. As the name suggests, a Solatube tubular skylight is more than just a shiny pipe. It’s a complete solar-electric package that provides natural lighting during the day and soft-glow LED illumination at night powered by a solar battery that charges while the sun is up.

Other benefits of adding a Solatube Daylighting System to your home include:

  • Speedy installation – A tubular skylight can be installed in just a few hours, so you’ll be able to enjoy natural sunlight in a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or hallway the very same day.
  • A minimally invasive design – Because the ducts can be routed around rafters, struts, and other internal obstacles, your Solatube Daylighting System will require no significant structural changes.
  • A variety of decorative fixtures – Whether you prefer a flat, unobtrusive fixture or one that provides a decorative touch, you’ll have several beautiful options to choose from.
  • Optional add-ons – You can make your skylight even more versatile by adding a ventilation fan (perfect for bathrooms and laundry rooms), a dimmer switch, and a diffuser to alter the light color, intensity, or both.

If you are ready to brighten your Auburn, CA, home with a tubular skylight from Solatube, contact Byers today and schedule a no-obligation consultation with one of our representatives. In addition to your home improvement project qualifying for a 26% Federal Tax Credit, we also offer financing to qualified customers, so be sure to ask about additional ways we can make your Solatube Daylighting System fit your budget.

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At Byers, we offer a number of clean-energy solutions from Solatube that can make a significant, positive impact on your home life.

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