Improve the Energy Efficiency of Your Roseville, CA, Home With a Solar Attic Fan

Solar Attic Fan Roseville CAThe buildup of excessive heat in your attic can do more than just make the room uncomfortably hot during warm months. Over time, it can hasten the deterioration of roofing materials and support structures, force your HVAC unit to work harder, and damage heat-sensitive objects you may have in storage such as vinyl records and film stock. A solar attic fan is a great way to cool down your attic and reduce humidity levels inside your Roseville home, thus prolonging the life of your roof and potentially saving you money on your monthly utility bills – not to mention preserving that vintage copy of the White album! At Byers, we proudly offer and install top-of-the-line Solatube® attic fans. Solatube is widely acclaimed for their innovative, environmentally friendly ventilation solutions. What’s more, their products are designed to provide years of reliable, maintenance-free performance.

Other benefits you can expect from a Solatube solar attic fan include:

  • Quick installation – Our technician can install your new fan in a matter of hours and with minimal disruptions to your home.
  • Cost-free operation – With its high-performance solar panels, your unit won’t cost a dime to operate. And, the advanced photovoltaic cells will provide constant power throughout the day, even when skies are overcast.
  • Exceptional construction – Built from rugged, weather-resistant materials, Solatube attic fans will stand strong against rain, hail, temperature extremes, and windblown debris.
  • Powerful circulation – An ultra-efficient, brushless DC motor and five-wing, polymeric blades maximize airflow throughout the entire attic to ensure a robust air change rate.

In addition to keeping your attic cooler during the summer, a solar attic fan will help equalize attic and exterior temperatures during the winter, which prevents excessive condensation from building up on both inside and outside surfaces. This will reduce the chance of ice damming along the roofline as well as wood rot and the proliferation of mold and mildew.

To learn more about the benefits of having a solar attic fan installed at your Roseville home, contact Byers today and schedule a no-obligation consultation. Your home improvement project may qualify for a 30 percent tax credit. And, to make your fan even more affordable, we can provide financing for qualified clients.

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At Byers, we offer a number of clean-energy solutions from Solatube that can make a significant, positive impact on your home life.

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