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Solar Companies Granite Bay CAConsidering how many solar companies there are in California, deciding which one you should partner with for your Granite Bay home’s solar project should be difficult, right? Well, not so much! With our top-of-the-line solar panel products and expert installation work, Byers Solar is your best choice for reliable energy production that lasts long into the future. Over the years, we have helped many California residents make the transition to solar energy. We’d love to assist you in achieving your home’s energy goals next.

Installing the Top Solar Panels in the World

Part of what separates Byers Solar from many other solar companies in the area is the fact that we install industry-leading panels from SunPower®. These panels are the most efficient in the world, with the ability to generate almost 100 watts more energy than other panel options. That means fewer will need to be installed at your home to make a significant difference in your energy output. Plus, SunPower’s panels have minimal annual power output degradation, meaning they will last longer and provide more value for your home.

A Solar Company With an Outstanding Track Record

When it comes to choosing between solar companies, experience matters a great deal. With Byers Solar, you’ll get a team of solar industry veterans and roofing experts to ensure your installation goes as smoothly as possible. Our solar professionals have all the knowledge and experience necessary to get the job done, while our 30-plus years of roofing experience allows us to effectively locate the optimal spot on your roof to install your new panel system. The combined expertise within our team has led to a flawless track record.

If you want to learn more about what sets us apart from other solar companies that serve residents of Granite Bay, CA, contact Byers Solar today.

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Cutting-edge solar panels from industry leader SunPower can help Byers clients enjoy significant savings on monthly energy expenses.

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