The Best Solar Panels for Residential Homes & Commercial Buildings in Nevada City, CA

SunPower Solar Panels From Byers Solar

Solar Panels for Home Rocklin CALiving in the Nevada City, California, area means having access to many exciting outdoor activities. You can hang out on the beach while participating in beach volleyball, climb the mountains on a crispy, clear day, or hike the many trails that line the forests and national parks. What many other residents of the area also appreciate about California are the many sunny days that the state experiences. No matter what activity you choose to participate in the area, you are likely to have a bright, sunny day to enjoy it. And, it is because of this abundance of sunlight in the region that you are likely to find residential and commercial solar panels on homes and commercial businesses in the area.

Why Choose Solar Panels?

If you have been considering investing in an environmentally friendly, clean energy source for some time now, then solar panels are the way to go. Solar power products like solar panels capture light and heat from the sun and convert this energy into usable electricity. With this energy, you can power the electrical appliances, air conditioning, lighting, water heaters, and so much more in your home or commercial building, allowing you to depend less on electricity from the electric companies. This, in, turn, can help reduce your energy bills each month. With all that solar panels have to offer, it is no wonder why they are so popular among residents in the area. And, when residents in Nevada City, CA, choose residential and commercial solar panels for their homes or businesses, they choose solar panels from Byers Solar.

For decades, Byers Solar has been the name trusted most for solar power products in the area. That is because we offer the best solar panels to all of our clients, manufactured with only the highest level of craftsmanship. Take a look at the residential and commercial solar panels that we have to offer.

Residential Solar Panels

Not all solar panels are created equal, and our SunPower® Equinox residential solar panels are proof. Our Equinox systems from SunPower are ranked No. 1 for durability and generate more watts per square foot than virtually any other comparable solar power product, allowing you to make the most of your investment in solar energy. They also contain 70% fewer parts than conventional solar systems of the same size, so they are ideal for virtually any size of the home. And, all of the parts that make up our solar panels are all made from the same manufacturer – SunPower – so there are no inconsistencies.

Yet, durability and performance are not all that these residential solar panels have to offer. Our SunPower Solar panels are also aesthetically cleaner, with no visible rails, mounting hardware, or wires. This helps to minimize the solar panels’ impact on the profile of the roof and allows them to easily complement the rest of the home.

Commercial Solar Panels

Our commercial solar panels are just as reliable, durable, and complementary as our residential solar panels for homes in Nevada City, CA. They provide all of the same benefits, plus, they may warrant a tax incentive from the federal government. Indeed, currently, the federal government provides a 26% tax credit on our photovoltaic solar power system. And, all of our solar panels are backed by a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty for your peace of mind. With all that both of our residential and commercial solar panels have to offer, it is no wonder that that are considered one of the best solar panels in the area.

Professional Solar Panel Installation From Start to Finish

Here at Byers Solar, we pride ourselves on the solar panel installations that we perform, not just the best residential and commercial solar panels that we provide for homes and buildings. First, we will conduct a comprehensive inspection of your roof and overhead tree canopy so that we can determine the best location for your solar panels to maximize the solar energy that you generate. Then, our installers will go to work. All of our installers have years of experience in the industry and special, advanced training from the manufacturer – SunPower – ensuring that all of the products are properly sealed and watertight. What’s more, we will do our best to minimalize the disruptions to your daily routine, as well as property, throughout the project, lessening the stress and mess of the home improvement experience.

Customer Service at its Finest

As a family-run business, we make it our mission to provide our clients with the high level of customer service that we would extend to our own family. Indeed, what helps set us apart from other solar panel contractors in the area is our goal to go the extra mile to make our clients happy. We will tailor our solar power systems the needs of our clients in order to satisfy their electrical needs and budget requirements. What’s more, when we present our solar systems in an in-home consultation, we will provide an estimate of how much clients can expect to save once their system is up and running. With the exceptional service that we offer to all of our clients, it should come as no surprise that we continue to maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

It’s Time to Get Started

Are you now convinced that residential solar panels would be the best addition to your home? If so, then it is time to contact the professionals at Byers Solar. Reach out to learn more. When you do, be sure to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with our team, which we can perform right in the comfort of your own home. Plus, we offer financing options to clients that qualify.

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Cutting-edge solar panels from industry leader SunPower can help Byers clients enjoy significant savings on monthly energy expenses.

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