A Solar Attic Fan Will Reduce Heat and humidity Inside Your Home Without Raising Your Utility Bill

Solar Attic Fan

Protect your home from heat and moisture damage with a solar attic fan from Byers. During the day, warm, humid air accumulates beneath your roof. Without proper ventilation, this moisture encourages wood rot and the growth of harmful mold and mildew. High humidity levels can also damage insulation and corrode internal wiring. That is why it is important to have a reliable mechanism to rid your home of hot, damp air.

At Byers, we can install a Solar Star solar attic fan at your residence, usually in a single afternoon. Solar Star is a division of Byers Solatube®, the leading manufacturer of solar-powered attic ventilation systems in the nation, renowned for producing sleek, durable, and reliable products that provide green solutions for environmentally conscious homeowners.

Choose the Fan that is Right for Your Home

Solar Star offers several solar attic fan models that are well-suited for any roof. You will be able to choose from low-profile, high-profile, and pitched configurations. During an initial consultation, one of our specialists will provide all the information you need to choose the fan that is right for you. We will also evaluate your home’s orientation and the tree canopy around your residence to determine the best location for your solar attic fan.

Solar Attic Fan Features

Solar Star fans are fabricated from premium materials and feature:

  • Impact-resistant solar panels capable of withstanding hail and windblown debris while providing either 10 or 22 watts of power to the fan motor
  • Lightweight, non-corrosive polymeric fan blades engineered to reduce vibration for minimal motor resistance
  • A unique body design that maximizes airflow while reducing noise levels to a mere whisper
  • A high-performance brushless DC motor that provides superlative efficiency without sacrificing power and reliability

Do Solar Attic Fans Really Help?

Solar attic fans can seem like a strange concept and you may even question whether an attic fan will actually help your home. To set your mind at ease, let’s explore how they work.

During the day your home absorbs heat energy from the sun. Most of that heat is held in your attic, with heat radiating down the structure of your house into the rest of your home. This causes your HVAC system to work overtime to properly cool your house. An attic fan works to stabilize the temperature in your attic, removing stuffy, hot air from inside and pulling in cooler air from outside. What’s more, an attic fan combats dangerous moisture buildup in your home’s structure, too, helping to keep it dry and cool. This is important because left unchecked in your home, moisture can lead to mold and mildew growth and compromise the frame of your house.

So, in addition to protecting the structural integrity of your home, a solar attic fan can lower your utility bills by making it easier for your HVAC unit to keep inside temperatures comfortable during warm months. What is more, your fan will qualify for a 30% tax credit, saving you even more on the cost of your home improvement project.

To learn more about having a solar attic fan installed at your home, contact Byers today and schedule your consultation. We also offer to finance qualified homeowners.

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