To give your home the best possible protection when installing your new roofing material, we add a second line of defense to every rooftop penetration. Instead of working around items attached to your roof, like plumbing pipes, and antennas, we remove them and install an ice and water shield under one shingle and then on top of another – similar to the way feathers are nestled and overlap on a bird.

Before your roof is given the thumbs up, it is inspected twice – first by the Byers crew, then by your local city (or municipality) inspector, and in some cases by the roofing manufacturer. After the roof is approved, we don’t just walk away.  All of our work is guaranteed, and backed by Byers and the manufacturer.


Hands down, Byers has one of the best warranties in the business, guaranteeing all roofing shingles for 50 years and all roofing labor for as long as you own the home. If anything ever needs to be fixed with your new roof, we will completely stand behind it. Most companies only cover materials’ defects on the roof shingles.  If licensed by the state, they are only required to warranty their workmanship for two years. At Byers, we believe you shouldn’t have to incur the labor cost of repairing a defect. With a Byers roof, all the materials and labor are covered by our roofing system warranty.