Patented design and liquid adhesion.

It sounds scientific because it is! Liquid adhesion is an undeniable law of nature that allows water to actually cling to the edge and roll down into the gutter. Everything else – leaves, sticks, and debris – rolls right over the edge. That means your roofline is free of combustibles in the event of a wildfire. This makes LeafGuard a better gutter.

Byers LeafGuard Gutter Cutaway · Patended Design and Liquid Adhesion

No worries.

Byers LeafGuard Gutters are 100% unique. Unlike other ordinary systems, screens, or add-on covers, LeafGuard gutters are formed from a single piece of extra heavy-duty aluminum. No seams mean no leaks! Pure and simple a better gutter.

Byers Gutters.

Large troughs. Bigger downspouts.

Our unique design allows the gutters to gently slope down to the downspouts independent of your roof-line. Gutters are attached to the fascia boards or rafter tails, not your roof. This custom design allows water to continue to flow out until the gutter is completely empty. You will never have to worry about standing water again, which means bye-bye mosquitoes!

4-Inch LeafGuard Gutter Downspout.