Uniquely Designed Gutters That Incorporate Gutter Protection and Exceptional Performance in One Beautiful Package

Most homeowners do not give their gutters much thought until the time comes to put on gloves, grab a bucket, and climb a ladder for the umpteenth time to remove a clog. Would it be great if your gutters were so durable and reliable you really could forget all about them? Just imagine never again having to perch precariously at the top of a ladder to scoop sludge from the channel or re-caulk a leaking seam. At Byers, we want our clients to spend more time doing what they love and less time putting themselves at risk for a fall. That is why we proudly offer LeafGuard® gutter systems. LeafGuard gutters have a unique, one-piece design that forms both the hood and the trough out of a single piece of heavy-duty aluminum for seamless gutter protection. Using the principle of liquid adhesion, this patented design channels rain over the gently sloping hood and into the trench while shielding the gutters from leaves, branches, pine needles, and other windblown debris.

In addition to their innovative design, LeafGuard seamless gutters feature:

  • Troughs that slope independently from the roofline to allow water to fully drain, thereby preventing stagnant pools from collecting and becoming potential breeding sites for mosquitoes
  • Large downspouts that will efficiently funnel abundant volumes of rainwater away from your home, preventing damage to your landscaping
  • An attachment method that uses plastic hangers screwed into the fascia at two-foot intervals rather than nails driven through the shingles of your roof, which could damage them and possibly violate your roofing warranty
  • A sleek and attractive profile that blends in with any home style
  • Aluminum that is 20 percent thicker than standard gutters
  • A ScratchGuard® paint finish that will not chip, peel, or crack and is backed by a limited lifetime warranty

What is more, your rain gutters will be custom made on-site to the exact measurements of your home, so they will fit with precision and look fantastic. In fact, we are so confident that your LeafGuard gutters will perform flawlessly year after year, we back them with our exclusive, no-clog guarantee. If your gutters ever become blocked, we will come out and clean them for free.

To learn more about the benefits of having premium LeafGuard seamless gutters installed at your home, contact Byers today and schedule a no-obligation consultation. And to make your home improvement project more affordable, we offer numerous payment plans for qualified clients.