Land Clearing & Wildfire Prevention - Alta - afterLand Clearing and Fire Prevention Services That Will Preserve the Beauty of Your Property While Protecting Your Home

In a state as prone to wildfires as California, proper land clearing is a critical component of responsible property management. In fact, California law requires that homeowners maintain a “defensible space” of at least 100 feet around their residences. At Byers, we offer comprehensive land clearing services for small to medium-sized projects. As a licensed timber operator, we are authorized by the state to conduct forest tree cutting and removal operations. Our highest priority is to make our clients’ homes less vulnerable to wildfires, but that does not mean we simply clear-cut all the trees and bulldoze the bushes before hauling everything away. We take a thoughtful approach to land clearing, removing only the vegetation that puts your residence at risk, namely underbrush, small trees, deadfalls, and ground debris. We will also prune the lower branches from larger trees to remove possible sources of ladder fuels.

Our land clearing and fire prevention team has all the tools necessary to complete your project quickly, efficiently, and with as little disruption to the rest of your property as possible. This includes an industrial-sized auger, a trencher, and a masticator, and our equipment is small and nimble enough to maneuver through most terrain.

Responsible property management is an ongoing endeavor that requires a commitment to the community as well as respect for the environment. To learn more about our land clearing and wildfire prevention services, contact Byers today. One of our helpful representatives will be happy to visit your home, discuss what you want to accomplish with your project, and evaluate your property in order to determine the best way to achieve your goals. And if you are interested in financing, we offer numerous plans for qualified homeowners.