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Fire and Ember Safe Vents are California Building Code Chapter 7A- compliant and approved by the State Fire Marshal (SFM). In fact, new homes built in the Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI) in California are required to include ember-resistant vents under Ch. 7A. Vents meet the standard requirements under the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) E2886 and sufficiently passed the ASTM E119 one-hour fire test to effectively block ember entry.The smallest spaces on a home can be the most vulnerable. Wind-blown embers fly for miles before the actual flames and can enter the home through attic vents or crawlspace vents. Combustible materials have the potential to ignite, essentially burning the home from the inside out.

  • comply with the new AB38 legislation, which requires wildfire proof measures to be implemented in fire hazard zones.
  • Available in standard and custom sizes
  • fully accredited by a California laboratory, and more importantly, they are listed by CAL Fire Office of the State Fire Marshal.
  • Home hardening is a critical factor to improve the survivability of structures during wildfires.
  • A baffle design which allows air to move freely, but traps embers

Byers offers Vulcan Vents

Vulcan Vents breakdown features.

Ember Defense and Fire-Rated

Wildfires and bush fires generate ember storms, which spread the fire ahead of the actual front of the fire.

Cal-Fire Listed and Approved

Standard vents cannot keep embers out. Only products specifically designed and tested for wildfire proofing can be used in WUI areas.

Easy to Install, Retrofit, and Paint

Installed like any traditional vent with the same footprint and paintable.

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