Byers LeafGuard Gutter No-Clog Guarantee

The Byers LeafGuard Gutter Guarantee is simple. THE ONLY 100% NO-CLOG GUARANTEE. NO EXCLUSIONS — to the original purchaser.

What more can we say? If your gutters get clogged, we will clean them, free, end of the story. You might even consider selling that old ladder in your garage. You will not need it anymore.

There is a saying that with warranties, the big print gives you rights and the fine print takes them away. If it were not for the Magnuson Moss act of 1975, we would have no fine print at all. Ours is simple, as long as your system is not damaged (think before backing up the motorhome), or altered by others (think painters or roofers), it is covered. Many companies use the fine print to get out of the very warranty they provide. Here are some things we cover that we have seen specifically excluded in other companies’ warranties.

  • Byers does not discriminate against any tree variety. We love all trees equally.  Oak, Pine, Cottonwoods, Fir, Cedar, big leaves, small leaves, we love them all, and we do not exclude certain types of trees.  There is just nothing that would clog your gutter that is not covered by our no-clog guarantee.
  • Some companies have an exclusion if ladders are placed against the gutter, saying it will void the warranty because their gutters (or cover devices) are not strong enough to withstand a ladder. Byers LeafGuard Gutters are extra heavy-duty, so leaning a ladder against them does not void your warranty.
  • Some companies exclude improperly sloped gutters. This is a common exclusion with add-on covers because water will not drain when the slope is incorrect; therefore any small debris that gets in cannot be carried away by water. Because all our systems are installed with a positive slope to the downspouts, that will never be a problem on a LeafGuard System.

Byers No Clog Warranty has No Exclusions.

You do not have to put up with excuses! That is why the Byers Guarantee is so clean and simple. It is just one of the reasons our clients feel so confident in our gutters and with us!

Englert LeafGuard Lifetime Finish Warranty

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At Byers, we believe in making a personal connection with those who turn to us for products and services. It is our responsibility to act as protectors as well as partners. The work we do improves homes and makes people safer.

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