Solatube Whole House Fan

When it’s cooler outside than in your home, a Solatube whole house fan will pull the fresh, outside air into your living space through your windows, and push stale, hot indoor air out through your attic vents. Traditional air conditioning just cools using recirculated, stagnant air already in the house. A whole house fan replaces that air with cool, fresh air to provide comfort that comes full circle. If you’d like to add a whole house fan to your home, the company to turn to is Byers. With decades of experience in the industry, we are the company you can trust for all of your cooling and ventilation needs.

Why Use a Whole House Fan?

Nothing cools more cost-effectively and consistently than a whole house fan. When you turn to Byers to have a whole house fan installed, you’ll soon be able to feel the cooling difference in your home. A Solatube whole house fan can provide the following benefits:

  • Quick, efficient cooling of the entire house within a matter of minutes, even on hot summer days
  • Dramatically fresher air throughout the home, as stale air is eliminated in the winter months
  • Overall cooler house and attic throughout the entire day
  • Extremely quiet fan with enhanced insulation built in to avoid disruption of the household
  • Greatly reduced cooling costs as compared to air conditioning

Solatube - Whole House Fan - Hot Air Out - Cool Air In

How Does it Work?


When it is cooler outside than it is in your home, a Solatube whole house fan can really go to work for you. Mounted in the attic and vented into the living spaces, it takes the hot air inside your home up into the attic then out the attic vents and pulls in the cooler outdoor air into your home through your open windows, throughout your living space — the change in temperature is noticed immediately.

It does not cool the recirculated air in your home as with traditional air conditioning. It replaces stale, hot inside air with cool, fresh outside air. Over and over. This helps cool the home and attic by up to 30 degrees, and sometimes more, allowing your home and attic to stay much cooler the following day — the principle of Thermal Mass Cooling. The overall costs of keeping your home cool are dramatically reduced, especially when compared to power hungry air conditioning.

Built to last. Built to blast.

A Solatube whole house fan is a smart investment for homeowners with hot attics and stagnant air. Not only does the fan solve these problems, but Solatube products in particular feature:

  • A Powerful Brushless Motor – for long-lasting strength and energy-efficient operation
  • Powder Coated Metal Fan Blade – for durability and rust-proof operation
  • 5 Blade Fan – for smoother airflow
  • No Visible Vent Fasteners – to provide a clean and modern look
  • Easily Removable & Dishwasher-Safe Grate – for quick and easy cleaning
  • Insulated Ducting – for quiet cooling

Solatube - Whole House Fan

Installing Your Whole House Fan: The Byers Difference

No one focuses on comfort, protection, and safety for your home and family like Byers. We have been helping homeowners with their home improvement needs since 1987. In 2014, we began installing tubular daylighting systems and solar attic fans from Solatube. As a Solatube Premier Dealer, we love bringing beautiful natural light into homes, as well as cooling spaces.

With our Solatube whole house fan installation services, we are creating even more relaxing and refreshing environments for our customers. With the highest service ratings in the industry, you know you can trust Byers to provide the best solutions for you, with the least impact on your home, family, and your day. We will come to your home and provide a free, no-obligation consultation to help you determine the best cooling solutions for your house and attic. And we can even install the same day.

Contact Byers today to get started creating the most comfortable home you have ever experienced with a Solatube whole house fan.

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