Way To Keep Your Home Energy Efficient

Feb 05, 2020

An energy-efficient home is something that most people seek. When a home is energy-efficient, utility bills go down, making the cost of leaving more affordable, comfort levels go up, and homes have a higher market value. To maximize your home’s

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Be Prepare For The Power Safety Shutoffs

Nov 21, 2019

With the recent Public Safety Power Shutoff events that are causing a major disruption to our daily lives, affecting business, public safety, the rising cost of PG&E bills and it seems like this power shutoffs are more often and longer

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Ladder Safety Tips to Prevent Injury 

Oct 08, 2019

Ladder Safety Tips to Prevent Injury  Ladders are used every single day by millions of people around the world for a variety of tasks. The question is whether they’re being used safely. According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, more

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Fire Safety and Covered Gutters

Sep 24, 2019

Fire Safety & Covered Gutters Prevent Fires with Byers When it comes to fire prevention, cleaning your gutters may not be a top priority on your fire safety checklist — but in states like California, it should be! Leaves, twigs,

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Things to Think About for a Fire Evacuation Checklist

Sep 19, 2019

Fire Evacuation Checklist Wildfires can be pretty terrifying for everyone involved; to be trapped in one or caught trying to evacuate with thousands of other families — downright terrifying. Every year, wildfires consume millions of acres of land, destroying homes

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Ladder Safety When Cleaning Gutters

Sep 03, 2019

Ladder Safety When Cleaning Your Gutters Cleaning and removing debris from gutters is a necessary job that has to be completed regularly throughout the year to avoid clogs. However, it can also be dangerous — in some cases causing serious

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Greening Your Holiday Clean-Up

Dec 26, 2018

While we enjoy brightening up the holiday with lights, decorations, and gifts, this often leaves us with some cleaning dilemmas to confront as we prepare for the New Year. At Byers, we are big on repurposing, recycling and keeping our

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Happy Holidays! Bright Lights, Warm Fireplaces

Dec 05, 2018

At Byers, we spend each day helping our clients make their day-to-day life a little better, their home a bit more secure and comfortable — whether it is a new roof, getting them off ladders with Byers LeafGuard Gutters, bringing

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What you need to know for this season change.

Sep 11, 2018

As the seasons change, it’s a good time to assess your house’s maintenance needs. Here’s a quick checklist to help get ready for Fall: 1. Do a home assessment. Examine your home for painting, roofing, gutters and weather caulking. Is

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