Team Recognition

Feb 20, 2023

It takes more than one. From day one, Ray Byers Sr. appreciated and is grateful for the employees he has had over the years. “It takes more than one person to make a great company.” Like most companies worldwide, Byers

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Wonder how Byers gets great video?

Jan 11, 2023

Gerald Martin Davenport Byers Multimedia Specialist Gerald Davenport delivers quality videos for Byers Enterprises. Gerald Davenport responded to a classified ad for a warehouse job at Byers opening in November 2014. With most of his computer programming and video editing

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A National Chili Day Recipe

Feb 28, 2019

Today is National Chili Day! Lance Bellows is our resident foodie. During our once-a-month all-day sales meetings, he usually teams up with our office manager, Susan Drown to make lunch for the whole office. In the past, he has brought

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Byers Works Smart with Digital Integration

Oct 04, 2018

Getting to Know Byers Software Engineer Jay Cole has been a programmer for as long as he can remember, starting tinkering with software in high school. He never really thought of this as a career until much, much later in

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What’s fun? 1000+ Feet of LeafGuard Gutter

Sep 28, 2018

Brian Hixson Estimator Brian Hixson started with Byers in November 2004 working in the yard. At the time, Byers total staff was somewhere around 15 to 20 people. Brian remembers “I was looking for a change and Ray Sr gave

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Byers Team Members Ready to Help

Sep 05, 2018

Meet Natasha Young Natasha coordinates service needs for Byers Roofing and Leafguard Gutters. She interfaces between the call center, clients, and the service department to make certain all details are properly handled. “If the service is not intricate, the call

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Byers Work-Life Balance Strikes the Right Note

Aug 13, 2018

Meet Tom Campbell Byers Estimator Tom  Campbell came to Byers in 2015 after a successful career in retail management. Asked about the change, Tom explained the gradual process that led to a new direction. “I had gotten to know Maria

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At Byers, Teamwork Makes it Work!

Aug 06, 2018

Trevor Sisley Byers Leafguard Gutter Production Manager Trevor Sisley is a Nevada County native who has been with Byers since January 2007. Trevor started when there were only three or four trucks, and each crew had a far-reaching territory. Like

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Byers On-Site Construction Report

May 14, 2018

Cameron Byers on New Warehouse Progress The new warehouse we began in the spring of 2015 is really taking shape, even though from the outside, this month, it may look like not much has changed. The many not-so-glamorous jobs that

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Byers Honored by SBA

May 07, 2018

A Few Words from Ray Byers Jr. Last Friday, my Father Ray Byers Sr., Byers General Manager Jeff Fierstein, and Sales Manager Lance Bellows attended the Sacramento District Small Business Administration Annual Award breakfast at the Citrus Heights Community Center.

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