Why During a Drought Thinking About Gutter Replacement is a Good Idea

Aug 12, 2021

As a Californian this time of year, you know all too well how our fire and drought seasons bring additional fire dangers. While it’s always important to keep debris from compiling in your gutters, during this time of year it’s not only important, it’s vital to the safety of your home. Read on to learn more about the potential fire hazards your gutters present and why you might consider this time of year an ideal time to upgrade to our LeafGuard System:

Why Would Gutters Present a Fire Hazard?

A spark can reach your home from a small fire in a vehicle, building or wildfire from over 5,000 feet away via strong winds. This means a spark can travel this distance through the air and then land in your gutters. If there is debris like dry leaves, twigs, etc., in your gutters, this provides the perfect situation for a tragic fire to start and put your entire home at risk, not to mention your life and that of those who reside with you.

What Happens if Gutters Ignite?

As you can imagine, if your gutters catch fire, it can have devastating consequences. Plastic gutters will usually melt and burn under these conditions. This fire can quickly spread to the rest of your home, or nearby vegetation, putting your entire property at risk, as well as those homes that neighbor your lot.

Replace Your Gutters, Now!

Because having debris in your gutters is so dangerous right now, during this dry season with the potential for fire always present, now is the ideal opportunity to upgrade your current gutters to a new LeafGuard System. This system ensures debris will no longer be hanging around in your gutters, providing the necessary fuel for a devastating fire. In addition, because LeafGuard gutters are a patented, aluminum system, they are not plastic and will not melt in the same way a standard gutter is likely to when exposed to a spark.

Liquid Adhesion, Customized Fit

The way Byers LeafGuard System works is a patented design and liquid adhesion. What this means is while water rolls into the gutter, nothing else can. Everything else, from debris to sticks and leaves rolls right over the edge, meaning you don’t have to worry about having sitting combustibles in your gutter in the event of a nearby wildfire or errant spark. This gutter system is also 100% unique in that it is formed from a single piece of heavy-duty aluminum and custom fit to your home. This means there are no seams and no leaks.

Contact Us Today

This is a scary time to be living in the California area. Fire is a serious risk we all have to face right now with unprecedented temperatures and drought. Thankfully, there is one way you can keep your home safer from fire danger by replacing your current gutter system with something that will ensure there are no combustible components at the ready should a spark happen to land on your home, our LeafGuard System. Contact us today to learn more about this system and schedule a free consultation.

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