What is The Warranty on LeafGuard Gutters?

Aug 19, 2021

LeafGuard gutters are an advantageous investment in the betterment and longevity of your home. They look great and can increase your home’s value by ensuring that it is protected from common maintenance issues like debris in gutters that can lead to clogs and all sorts of other issues. Thankfully, at Byers Roofing we are proud carriers of the LeafGuard Gutter System. This system is a foolproof, seamless, one-piece solution to clogged gutters that is made to specifically fit your home. No prefabricated gutters here, only those made to “fit your home.” 

What is the Byers LeafGuard Gutter System Guarantee?

Beyond the LeafGuard System’s obvious benefits immediately after installation, you likely want to know what sort of warranty comes with this product. In terms of our specific warranty, the Byers Leafguard Gutter System Guarantee can’t be beat. We offer a no-clog guarantee on our systems. This means if you find your gutters failing to do what they are designed to do, and they become clogged, we will come out free of charge and clean them. This isn’t just once either, we will come again and again for as long as you live in your home and maintain the cleanliness of your gutters if they are not working as promised. This means that when you purchase your LeafGuard system from us at Byers, you will enjoy a 100% no-clog guarantee on your gutter system for the entire time you reside in your home. You can even transfer this warranty to the next homeowner should you sell your home for a fee.

Are There Any Exclusions on the Byers LeafGuard 100% no Clog Guarantee?

In short, not really. Some no-clog warranties from other companies will exclude specific situations. For example, they will void the protection if a homeowner puts a ladder up against said gutters or if they have specific types of trees in their yard. This isn’t us. We don’t discriminate against any tree variety. We love them all, and having them in your yard, even next to your home will not void your 100% no-clog guarantee. The only exclusion to our comprehensive warranty is if you damage the gutters yourself. Therefore, make sure you don’t back an RV into your new gutter system, and you are good to go. Also, make sure if you hire painters or roofers that they don’t remove the gutters. If they reinstall them improperly it could cause issues with your system. We will come out and remove your gutters and then reinstall them after the work has been completed, keeping your 100% clog-free guarantee in place.

Other Protective Coverage Offered by LeafGuard

There is also a limited warranty on the paint finish of the gutter system from LeafGuard. This includes a guarantee of no peeling, cracks or chipping. It does, however, have some exclusions and stipulations to this warranty. In most cases, if damage does occur, a simple repair job is a quick and easy fix. The warranty is outlined in detail here with all the specific exclusions and stipulations.

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