What is the Purpose of Downspouts?

Jun 27, 2019

What's the Purpose of DownspoutsVirtually all gutter systems operate the same, using the basic concept of gravity where a sloped gutter channel directs rainwater to the downspout and moves it away from the house. So what exactly is a downspout and what does it do?

A downspout is a lightweight tube that extends vertically from the gutter trough to the ground and exists to direct excess rainwater away from your home in a controlled manner. It’s an important element of any gutter system that helps prevent soil erosion and damage to a home’s foundation. Downspouts are typically made from the same material and color as the rest of the gutter system. As with most gutter systems, you’ll need to clean them regularly to keep water flowing freely. While it can be relatively straightforward (if precarious!) process to remove clogs from your gutters, blockages in a downspout can be more difficult to remove and you may have to disassemble it.

If you want to eliminate the threat of clogged downspouts and gutters altogether, consider Byers LeafGuard® gutter systems. At Byers, we don’t use pre-fabricated gutters and alter them to fit your home. Instead, our seamless covered gutters are custom made on site to fit the exact specifications of your home. LeafGuard’s patented one-piece design prevents leaves, pine needles, sticks, and other debris from clogging up your gutters and allows rainwater to roll freely into the channels before flowing away from your home.

To learn more about having the LeafGuard gutter system installed at your home, contact Byers today and schedule a no-obligation consultation with one of our specialists.