What do you put in your Winter Safety Vehicle Kit?

Dec 21, 2018

Do you have a Winter Safety Vehicle Kit?

The holiday season is filled with many fun winter activities like visiting friends and family or heading to the mountains for fun in the snow. There are more people on the road this time of year and in poor weather conditions. We want to make sure you and your family are safe during your travels; long or short. While we hope you never have to use it, a Winter Car Safety Kit is something everyone should have in their car.

Why do I need a Winter Safety Vehicle Kit?

It’s always good to be prepared in case of an unexpected hazard or emergency.

A Winter Safety Vehicle Kit can come in handy even on short trips. Your kit should contain items to help assist you in any road hazard situation. Whether it’s a flat tire, long traffic or you find yourself stuck in the snow. Just like in the movie A Christmas Story, you never know when you might find yourself on the side of the road, in the snow, changing a tire. Having a good pair of gloves, a flashlight, and shovel can be very handy.

What do I put in my kit?

If you are not sure what to put in your Winter Safety Vehicle Kit or you want to make sure your kit is well stocked we have created a helpful checklist that can be downloaded and printed. If you already have a kit, use this kit to check your items over and replace any items that you might need to be restocked or replaced. Keep your kit organized and dry by using a durable plastic tote to store your items. A durable plastic tote is easy to transfer from vehicle to vehicle. Print and tape the checklist to the outside of the tote so it is easier to check over and see what you have used or if anything is missing.

Safe travels! Click here to print your checklist!