What do I do with an old ladder?

Feb 08, 2019

At Byers, it is no secret that we want you to stay off the ladder, and with over 20,000 injuries and 115 fatalities related to ladders a year, can you blame us?

Once you have LeafGuard gutters, you might feel like your rickety old wooden ladder is just taking up space and gathering cobwebs. We have discovered some creative ways to upcycle and repurpose your ladder. Most of these methods will work with wooden or metal ladders. If you have a metal ladder you could just remove the stickers or you can spray paint your ladder to add a bit of color. You can sand and paint your wooden ladder or keep rustic! Here are just a few ways you can put that old ladder to good use or you could always ask our install team to recycle your ladder!

Book Shelf

One of our favorite upcycle ideas is to create a bookshelf! There are a lot of variations on the ladder bookshelf so you are sure to find one that works best for your space, as well as, how easy of a DIY you want to do!

(Left to Right: The Salt Box, Photography by Design Sponge, Fresh Mommy Blog)

Plant stand

Are you a plant lover? We love incorporating plants indoors but having a Using a similar method to the bookshelf you can also use your ladder to hold your plants. You can also remove the rungs and use metal open baskets or use wooden dowels and S-hooks to hang your plants.

(Left to right: One Architecture, Better Home and Gardens, Ohoh Blog for Bobvila )

Need more storage in your kitchen? Want to keep your pots and pans in arms reach when you need them? This might be the perfect DIY for you. Remove the rungs to your wooden ladder and replace with wood dowels. Use S-hooks to hang your pots and pans from your wooden ladder.

(Left to right: Modern Country Kitchen, Inside Out, The Owner Builder Network)

Arch Way

Use your old ladder to create an archway into your garden! The ladders also work well for supporting climbing plants and lights so you can see your way!

(Left to right: Funky Junk Interiors, Southern Weddings, Carl G. for Home Talk)

Wood Storage

This is perfect for the woodworker! Hang your old ladder on the wall and organize your wood planks and scraps by size. Keeping them up off the ground will also help keep them dry.

(Left to right: Popular Woodworking, Hugo HD)