What Are Solar Panels Made Of?

Mar 03, 2020

Solar Panels Solar panels need to be able to do two things: Convert sunlight into energy and withstand years of wear-and-tear. In order to fulfill its first mission, solar panels feature silicon cells. This is the most important part of any solar panel, as it’s this element that ensures the panels can capture sunlight and convert it into energy.

A typical solar panel consists of:

  • Silicon cells
  • Aluminum frames
  • Glass casing
  • Wiring
  • Plexiglas

The glass casing is placed at the front of the panel to protect the silicon cells and to ensure durability. There is also an insulation layer and protective back sheet, both of which work to limit the dissipation of heat and humidity (which can limit the effectiveness of the panels).

SunPower® Solar Panels

SunPower® manufactures industry-leading solar panels. They have engineered the Maxeon® solar cells that have a solid copper foundation to ensure premium durability and corrosion resistance. Maxeon cells also deliver decades of top-notch performance—they achieve a record-setting 22% efficiency rate, the highest in the industry.

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