What Are Brand Guards

Aug 24, 2021

As a California resident, you know all too well the risk that exists for property damage and even loss of life due to wildfires. This is true even if your home isn’t in the direct path of a fire as live embers can travel miles through the air in the right conditions. One product that goes along with our Byers LeafGuard system that we are proud to offer as added protection against the very real danger of fire is the BrandGuard Vents.

What Are BrandGuard Vents?

This is a patented solution that is designed to protect your home from wildfires before they even arrive. In other words, it prevents both fire and fire embers from entering your home through the vulnerable, unprotected mesh vent openings. While standard vents can prevent a host of problems, they are not an effective way to address the risk of fire. These guards are different as they are specifically designed with fire safety in mind and are ember and flame resistant. They also meet the new code requirements for California structures.

What Code Does BrandGuards Meet?

Due to the influx of wildfires in recent decades, California has issued some stricter building requirements aimed at protecting new construction from the real danger of fire. These building code requirements call for the inclusion of ember and fire-resistant vents in all new construction. All BrandGuard Vents comply with this AB38 legislative requirement. Furthermore, experts recommend any dwelling located within Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) areas be equipped with this type of equipment to resist the ingress of embers, which of course, greatly reduces the risk of a wildfire spreading to a home.

More Benefits of BrandGuard Vents

At Byers, we are proud to offer BrandGuard vents to our California residents. The following are some noteworthy benefits of the BrandGuard vents and why they should be a consideration for any California homeowner:

  • They are WUI compliant.
  • They are guaranteed for 20 years and are strong and sturdy.
  • They are CAL Fire listed and approved.
  • They feature a patented design to keep your home safe.
  • They are fire and ember rated.
  • They have been proven by in-the-field contractors.
  • They are ASTM E2886/2912 Fire Tested
  • They are available in both custom and standard sizes.
  • They are approved for use even in very high fire-threat areas.
  • They are easy to retrofit and paint.

BrandGuard is Born to Save

Invented as a way to protect homes from embers flying directly into their unprotected vents in 2003 by firefighter Brent Berkompas after battling devastating wildfires in 2003 and 2007, the BrandGuard vent system has fire protection at the forefront. BrandGuard vents include gable, balcony and soffit, foundation and dormer vent varieties.

Bottom Line: BrandGuard Provides Additional Fire Protection

While you cannot completely eliminate the risk of fire to your home, you can greatly reduce it by having BrandGuard vents installed on your home. This will effectively address an area of vulnerability that your home has within its ventilation system and prevent the risk of fire from engulfing your home thanks to the reduced access it gives embers. Contact us today to learn more or for a consultation.


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