What to Do If Water Is Leaking From the Ceiling

Nov 12, 2019

Water Leak It’s a sound nobody wants to hear inside their home – the steady drip of water that indicates a leak. It’s especially troublesome if the water is leaking from your ceiling. While all leaks, no matter their severity, require immediate action, it’s especially necessary if you notice bulges or holes in your ceiling, dark splotches, or moisture buildup in the floor beneath the leak. Here’s what you need to do if you notice a water leak from your ceiling:

  • Place a bucket, container, or even a trash bag underneath the leaking water to contain it.
  • Remove any valuable items from the room and try to stay out of the room as much as possible since the ceiling collapsing is a possibility.
  • Call an emergency roof repair expert who can accurately assess where the leak originated and repair it quickly.

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