This Fire Season, Upgrade Your Gutters

Jul 24, 2018

2017 proved to be one of the worst fire seasons, with five of California’s most destructive wildfires – causing significant damage to buildings and infrastructure. Devastating fires included the Thomas Fire, which started in December and the Nuns, Tubbs, Atlas and Redwood Valley fires in Napa and Sonoma Counties, which burned for nearly 3 weeks in October.

Santa Rosa 6 months after. An interview with Gerald Buhrz about his experience during the fire and seeing his home still standing.

The fires that scorched Napa and Sonoma Counties burned more than 181,000 acres of forests, vineyards, and farmland. Because they were burning in highly populated areas, these blazes destroyed nearly eight times as many structures as the much larger Thomas Fire.

Byers experienced this first hand, assisting a client with an insurance claim in Santa Rosa. Ray Byers Jr. stood at one of the last standing homes in a Santa Rosa neighborhood inspecting the damage to LeafGuard Gutters on an otherwise largely undamaged home.

“Byers is a California company and we understand that California has some very serious challenges ahead this season with fire danger and water availability.” notes Ray Byers Jr. “It was life changing to visit the site in Santa Rosa and see first hand the impact of a California wildfire. We are committed to assisting property owners by providing improved roofing, LeafGuard Gutters, and land clearing.”

The fire in Santa Rosa was so hot, that part of the LeafGuard Gutter system was melted, though the gutters had done their job of keeping the roof clear from hazardous debris.

Byers is busy each day helping people make their homes more fire-safe by installing LeafGuard Gutters. California’s Mediterranean climate lends itself naturally to wildfires. Residents need to use extra caution when outdoors and take steps to prevent wildfires and protect their property.

Debris in gutters is a primary vulnerability for homes, to such an extent, closed gutters are now part of the building code. If embers generated during a wildfire ignite debris, like pine needles or leaves, the resulting fire burns right next to the underside of the roof, providing a fire path into the building.

Byers LeafGuard patented one-piece gutter design sends leaves, pine needles, sticks and debris rolling right over the gutter edge. Byers LeafGuard Gutters carry an ironclad, no-exclusions guarantee.

LeafGuard seamless gutters feature:

  • Troughs that slope independently from the roofline to allow water to fully drain, thereby preventing stagnant pools from collecting and becoming potential breeding sites for mosquitoes
  • Large downspouts that will efficiently funnel abundant volumes of rainwater away from your home, preventing damage to your landscaping
  • An attachment method that uses plastic hangers screwed into the fascia at two-foot intervals rather than nails driven through the shingles of your roof, which could damage them and possibly violate your roofing warranty
  • A sleek and attractive profile that blends in with any home style
  • Aluminum that is 20 percent thicker than standard gutters
  • A ScratchGuard® paint finish that will not chip, peel, or crack and is backed by a limited lifetime warranty

Each installation is custom-fitted, so there are no unnecessary joints or seams with awkward, potential leaks or problems.

Learn more about Byers LeafGuard Gutters and how they protect both you and your home by keeping flammable materials away from your home and you off ladders with this free Byers LeafGuard Gutter Guide.

Purchase LeafGuard Gutters between now and July 31, 2018, and receive 6 months same as cash plus a  free Nest smoke detector, one more way to stay fire safe with Byers LeafGuard. Note: contact Byers for full details on this offer.

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