Thank You for 30 Amazing Years

May 04, 2017

Byers would like to thank everyone who attended the 30th Anniversary Party on Friday, April 28. It was a special moment to pause and celebrate team achievements and also to thank customers — Byers is in business to serve.

“We are really grateful to everyone who has contributed to building Byers reputation with hard work and excellent service. It is good to see many people here who now work other places, but were part of the process of getting to where we are today,” commented Ray Byers Sr. at the festive event. Byers remembers the great community spirit of trust and sharing that was so prevalent in the early days among both suppliers and contractors. “We are just delighted to live and work with and for great people here in Nevada County.”

Customers, employees, family members and vendors blended into a fun, lighthearted party with plenty of sunshine and live music provided by Reggae band, Northern Roots.

Byers looks forward to moving ahead into a busy summer season and many years to come. Visit to learn more. Thank You!


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