Team Recognition

Feb 20, 2023

It takes more than one.

From day one, Ray Byers Sr. appreciated and is grateful for the employees he has had over the years. “It takes more than one person to make a great company.” Like most companies worldwide, Byers has had many people come and go, but while they were here, they were an important part of the equation. Some have left to pursue new adventures, and others move on to find a bigger pot of gold. It is unheard of to have 100% of your workforce stay with you forever, notwithstanding companies with ten people or fewer.

Still Crazy After All These Years

Ray Byers Senior roofing at his age.
Ray Sr Roofing

Ray Sr., Ray Jr., Jeff Fierstein, Lance Bellows, and Susan Drown — the five high council members — understand that being a laborer installing gutters or roofing, plus servicing those products, is a job usually for the younger and more agile. Ray Byers Sr. and Jeff Fierstein know firsthand because they were Roofers and Gutter Installers before time told them to pass it on to the next generation — of course, Ray Sr. and Jeff Feirstein are still crazy after all these years getting on the roof and laying shingles for the Habitat For Humanity volunteer roofing projects.

Promote From Within

And while Byers as a company elevates from within, sometimes there is nowhere for someone to go except onto a new journey. The high council respects and understands that, and they wish everyone the best. Several installers and warehouse personnel have transitioned into sales, while others have replaced a few who have retired in production and office staff. Byers does not leave anyone out on a limb; they try and find a place for people to fit in and make a difference in the company and the lives of their fellow teammates.

Employee Morale

Byers is a public-facing company with commercials on television, an active social presence, and a passion for supporting the community and its organizations. Still, a few are not as outgoing as others regarding their employees. So when Byers wants to recognize their achievements and skills by sharing them with the world, Byers does not do all they would like to in respect of their wishes. They are not treated any less than the ones shared with you; they are pampered and recognized privately. Employee Morale, Company Morale, and Client Morale are important so no one feels left out or abandoned.

Historic Recognition

Byers has done many different things in the past to keep the morale of the team up by having company picnics during the summer at the lake, Christmas Parties with award recognitions to all departments, company logoed apparel such as jackets, shirts, hoodies, and hats, and when the company was in two different locations, Slow Poke Lane and the Design Center on Idaho Maryland Road we did a bi-weekly, internal video log.

The Employee of the Month

Byers Employee of the Month wall decoration.Byers still does a picnic, Christmas Party, company apparel, and the video log (not as many now that they are at one location). In December of 2021, Byers started the Employee of the Month recognition with a photo and name presentation on the board with a small thank you gift. Most of the team do not see the Employee of the Month corner in the office as they rarely come into the main building, so we send out the news in the video log and a company newsletter.

Managers submit a name to Jeff, who selects the month’s recipient. Managers are also eligible to receive the award. The recipient’s photo and name get printed and inserted into a frame, then hung on the decorative EotM wall hanging, along with recorded ceremonies and a special gift mastered by Jeff or Ray Byers Sr.

The video gets edited into the vlog. The news and the video go out to employees in the Byers Guardian newsletter. Susan Vanderpol started the newsletter in 2011.

Recipients of the EotM recognition


  • December – Cyd Sharkey


  • January – Ian West
  • February – Mackenzie Rounsfull
  • March – Tim Lynch
  • April – Tyler Schwartz
  • May – Travis Butterfield
  • June – Gerald Martin Davenport
  • July – Amanda Olsen
  • August – Judy Bridges
  • September – Natasha Young
  • October – Ethan Cardwell
  • November – Rocia and Jorge
  • December – Andy Vandiver Jr.


  • January – Andy Vandiver Sr.
  • March – Maya Martinez
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