Superior Strength and Durability – Byers Solar and Sunpower

Apr 28, 2016
Byers SunPower Tree Fall - Solar Panels still working

Last night one of our clients had a large oak tree fall on their home. The tree, which fell on the north side of the house, damaged a large section of the roof including the ridge line as it dropped across the peak and onto the solar array installed on the south roof. Despite the impact of the oak, which was estimated to be over 60 feet tall, the solar modules remained unscathed. With some brush removal from a tree crew with chainsaws, the modules were uncovered to reveal a fully-intact and fully-functioning array; verified by the string inverter display, remote Sunpower Monitoring System, and the PG&E meter, still spinning backwards in the direction of home power savings.

This incident is a testimonial to the superior strength and durability of the Sunpower product line and yet another reason why we at Byers Solar choose Sunpower to give our clients the greatest peace of mind when investing in solar for their home.

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