SolaTube DIY

Nov 26, 2019

Take a look inside our DIY Solatube Kit

Looking for the perfect gift for the DIY-er on your shopping list?

Byers offers a convenient Solatube Daylighting DIY kit for those handy folks that like using their own tools and saving money in the process.

What is Solatube? 

The Solatube Daylight System uses a cylindrical design that funnels sunlight into your home from outside. During the day, it provides natural light to the room of your choice while charging an in-tube battery that powers a soft-glow nightlight after dark. Solatube skylights also boast a leak-proof design that works with any type of roof and requires only a small opening for installation. The tubing can even be angled around obstructions, so rafters and other support structures will not prevent access to your target room.

Why Solatube?

Solatube daylighting brightens those dark hallways and corners providing you with light for your home or office. Solatube Daylighting can change the way you view your home. From dark and dreary to bright and cheery. Installing a SolaTube can seem like a daunting task but many individuals will find the process easy and straightforward.

Byers offers a convenient DIY kit for those handy folks that like using their own tools and saving money in the process. For those who would rather have it professionally installed send us a DM to get your Solatube installed the same day!

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