Solar Power During the Winter

Feb 09, 2023

Did you know that even when solar panels are completely covered with snow, they can still generate electricity? Solar power is a year-round energy solution and is not limited to fair-weather locations.

One of the myths about solar is that it does not work in cold climates. Solar panels are more efficient and produce more energy with the same amount of sunlight in colder climates because excessive heat can reduce the output voltage. While more hours of direct sun exposure will indeed help a solar system generate more electricity, modern panels are quite efficient. They can still produce energy in low-light situations such as the Northern Sierra, where they have snow and fog till April.

How do solar panels perform in winter?

Since solar panels work with light, not heat, it does not matter how cold it gets outside. Yes, Even when it is cloudy out, your solar panels will still produce electricity. As long as there is light, your system will convert it into clean energy. If you choose our Byers Solar system that installs SunPower and REC panels over other conventional panels, you will have a system that is proven to hold efficiency much better in low light conditions. On cloudy days the panel technology diffused the low light and scattered in all directions. SunPower and REC use high-quality anti-reflective glass that traps incoming light from all angles, capturing more sunlight.

What happens if I have shade areas on my roof?

Our solar installer will ensure that your panels are in the best position to get the maximum amount of sunlight possible; usually, our system will be installed facing the south, west, or southwest.

If you do not have solar yet and are looking to transition into the solar world remember that the Federal tax credit is 30% of the price of the solar system. Byers Solar is the solar company you can rely on for all of your solar energy needs. Give us a call to schedule an estimate. One of our estimators will come to your home cost-free to answer your questions.

Solar panels at Babbitt Peak

Byers Enterprises had the opportunity to start and complete an off-grid solar project for Nevada County Sheriff’s Office at Babbitt Peak. Nevada County Search & Rescue asked if we could install a new solar system for shared radio communication with Sierra County. The system comprised of four 360-watt SunPower solar panels and an Outback battery charge controller charging lithium batteries that were already installed at the site. The power generated and then stored on the batteries should be able to have 30 days of standby time which is needed during the harsh winter months.  UNR also has a testing location on this site and they have documented wind speeds as high as 163 MPH.

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