Snow Traveling Safety

Nov 25, 2019

Winter weather is near, and the timing is not the best for everyone that has travel plans for this Thanksgiving. Today through Friday, a winter storm will strike Northen California, and the National Weather Service and Caltrans are warning travelers to take the necessary precautions. Here are some tips that can be useful:

Pack An Emergency Bag

Being prepared for the worse can save you and your family in case of an emergency. Pack an emergency bag with plenty of water, food, warm clothes, and a full tank of fuel.

Be Informed

Remember to stay informed with the latest information about traveling. Follow your favorite media outlet or download the Caltrans app that includes weather advisories and emergency alerts. 

Check Your Car

Driving during a winter storm can be dangerous; that is why you should always inspect your vehicle before you go. Be sure to check the windshield, windshield wipers, and tire pressure to make sure they properly inflated, and the tread is in good condition.

Snow Chains

If you are traveling in the snow, make sure you check the chain requirements for your vehicle. If your car is a four-wheel or all-wheel drive, you also must carry chains upon entering a chain control area.