Should Attic Fans Run All the Time?

Dec 17, 2019

Attic FansAn attic fan can play a big role in helping to keep your home comfortable and your energy bills low. It helps to ventilate your attic and reduce the buildup of humidity, making it easier for your home to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. An attic fan doesn’t need to run all the time, only when the air outside is cooler than the air inside your home. Once your home reaches a certain temperature, the fan should switch off automatically. (Older attic fan models may have a manual switch.) If your attic fan is running all the time, you may need to get it looked at by a professional to see if you need a new system installed.

Solar Attic Fans From Byers

Whether you need to replace an old attic fan or you’re looking into energy-efficient options for your home in Northern California, you can turn to Byers for premium solar attic fans from Solatube®. These solar attic fans feature high fan speeds, ultra-low vibrations, and quiet operation. They also come in a variety of profiles to fit the design of your roof, including:

  • Low-profile roof mount — features a sleek and unobtrusive design
  • Tile roof — a proprietary design that integrates seamlessly with tile roofs
  • Pitched roof — great for north-facing roofs that get less sun exposure than other sides
  • High-profile roof mount — aerodynamic design that can handle heavy snow loads

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