What you need to know for this season change.

Sep 11, 2018

As the seasons change, it’s a good time to assess your house’s maintenance needs.

Here’s a quick checklist to help get ready for Fall:

1. Do a home assessment. Examine your home for painting, roofing, gutters and weather caulking. Is everything in solid condition for another winter? Are there things that could use the attention that was left undone last spring? This also a great time to do an energy audit. You can do this yourself following these DIY energy audit instructions. You can also contact Byers Solar for assistance reviewing your energy bills and help to identify potential energy savings by going solar.

2. If you haven’t already, get a programmable thermostat. Byers uses Nest thermostats to keep offices warm when everyone’s working and cooler during off hours. Most people set their home thermostat at high temperatures in the fall, but 68 degrees is generally considered a comfortable temperature for waking hours, and perhaps lower at night, for sleeping. A programmable thermostat keeps your house comfortable you come and go, and generally speaking, reduces your heating and cooling costs by 10 percent annually.

3. What about those outdoor projects? Are there leaves that need raking or trees that could use a trim. Be especially aware of branches that could cause damage in a storm.

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