Reduce Fire Danger + Get Rain Ready

Sep 13, 2018

If you have been thinking about getting covered gutters, this is a great time to act: Keep yourself off the roof all winter and protect your home through the end of fire season with Byers LeafGuard Gutters. Top 8 Reasons

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Seasons Change, So Do Household Needs

Sep 11, 2018

As the seasons change, it’s a good time to assess your house’s maintenance needs. Here’s a quick checklist to help get ready for winter: 1. Do a home assessment. Examine your home for painting, roofing, gutters and weather caulking. Is

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Byers Team Members Ready to Help

Sep 05, 2018

Meet Natasha Young Service Administrator Natasha Young is Byers Service Administrator. Natasha coordinates service needs for Byers Roofing and Leafguard Gutters. She interfaces between the call center, clients, and the service department to make certain all details are properly handled.

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Protect Your Home from Fire

Aug 30, 2018

California has had a very challenging year with numerous fires, spreading quickly and threatening entire communities. Let us give firefighters a hand by doing the things we can do to keep our homes fire safe and hopefully, make their jobs

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Quick Tips for Wildfire Preparedness

Aug 21, 2018

Create a Defensible Space California is facing the serious threat of wildfires. Many of these fires are not in remote wilderness, but in areas with population, neighborhoods and rural residential settings. At Byers, we encourage homeowners to understand the everyday

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Byers Work-Life Balance Strikes the Right Note

Aug 13, 2018

Meet Tom Campbell Byers Estimator Tom  Campbell came to Byers in 2015 after a successful career in retail management. Asked about the change, Tom explained the gradual process that led to a new direction. “I had gotten to know Maria

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At Byers, Teamwork Makes it Work!

Aug 06, 2018

Trevor Sisley Byers Leafguard Gutter Production Manager Trevor Sisley is a Nevada County native who has been with Byers since January 2007. Trevor started when there were only three or four trucks and each crew had a far-reaching territory. Like

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Spread the Word and Earn Some Money

Aug 03, 2018

Are you Part of the Byers Family? If you have done a project with Byers from Solatube, Roofing, Solar, or LeafGuard — then you are part of the Byers Family, enjoying Byers Family Brand of products’ benefits. This means if

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