Thanksgiving is a Time for Gratitude

Nov 21, 2018

Thanksgiving is always a special time to remember all that we have to be grateful for and to celebrate the progress made throughout the year as it moves on to winter and the beginning of a new year. Byers is

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Thinking about solar? Avoid these common mistakes

Nov 19, 2018

If you are thinking about solar,  this is a great time to take advantage of increased technology, dropping solar prices and tax rebates through 2019. Byers Solar works with each client to be sure these basic common mistakes are avoided

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Enjoy Fall Gems in Gold Country

Nov 16, 2018

Nevada City is known for its great show of jewel-like fall colors, and this year will be no exception. Trees are beginning to turn now, and driving through Grass Valley on Highway 49 is a bit more spectacular each day

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Add Your Light to Veterans this November 11 and Everyday

Nov 10, 2018

Byers is always delighted to see interiors brighter, fresher and full of daylight after a Solatube installation. This was especially the case when we installed six Solatube’s in the Thomas home, transforming the inner space by bringing cheerful, light into

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How Do I Know If I Need a New Roof?

Oct 29, 2018

At Byers, we recognize the tell-tale signs that a roof is showing signs of wear and potential issues. Our 30+ years of roofing experience helps us quickly identify weak points in a roofing system. Here are a few questions you

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7 Fall Activities for Northern California

Oct 17, 2018

Fall is here and if you’re looking to make the most of it, we’ve compiled a short list of our favorite family fall activities. From pumpkin and apple picking to walking tours and star gazing there is something for everyone.

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