Leaves Fall. You Should not.

Oct 17, 2023

Legs of a person on a ladder with a woman getting leaves dumbed on her.

Prevent Ladder Falls

Many companies are talking about covered gutters, which is good. Any cover is better than none, and most work sometimes. But having gutters that only work sometimes can leave your home and family in a precarious situation when the weather throws you a curveball.

According to the U.S. Product Safety Commission, over 180,000 Americans visit the emergency room annually due to ladder accidents. At Byers, we want our clients to spend more time doing what they love and less time putting themselves at risk for a fall. With Byers’ LeafGuard gutter system, you will never need to clean your gutters again.

LeafGuard gutter’s unique, one-piece design forms the hood and the trough out of a single piece of heavy-duty aluminum for seamless protection. This means gutters do just what they were designed to: keep leaves away and rainwater moving. Our patented system is guaranteed never to clog for as long as you own your home, or we will clean them for free. That is our locally owned, family guarantee for 36 years and counting.

Top 8 Benefits of Byers LeafGuard Gutters

  1. Reduce fire danger by keeping debris away from your roof
  2. Keep water rolling away from your home, preventing blockages
  3. Stay off the roof and reduce overall maintenance
  4. No water dams prevent mosquito breeding pools
  5. Create a physical barrier to animal infestations and bird nests
  6. An attractive finished appearance that does not detract from the home
  7. Increases property value
  8. A lifetime guarantee means no premature rusting of the gutters or unplanned expenses.

Only the Byers LeafGuard Gutter System always keeps you off the ladder. If you are ready to say goodbye to leaks, clogs, ladders, and the dangerous job of cleaning your rain gutters, call us at 800-977-5323 for a free estimate and half-off installation labor for the best investment in your home and family. Because Leaves Fall, You Should Not.

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