If You Have SMUD, What Should You Consider When Going Solar?

Jan 28, 2020

If You Have SMUD, What Should You Consider When Going Solar? If the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) is your electricity provider, you’ve probably considered going solar to help offset some of your energy costs. You can benefit from investing in a solar-powered system for your home in many ways. A high-quality system that’s properly installed will help you save money, reduce your carbon footprint, and increase the value of your home. However, going solar is a big decision and there are a variety of important things to consider.

Run the Numbers

Take a look at your monthly utility bills to layout a cost-benefit analysis and determine if adding a solar power system to your home makes sense.

Make Your Home Energy Efficient

If you want your solar power system to perform efficiently, then you need to make sure the energy it produces isn’t wasted. Before having solar panels installed, take steps to improve the efficiency of your home. For example, replace incandescent light bulbs with LEDs or have a whole house fan installed to keep your home cool without having to run your HVAC system too often.

Select a Reputable Contractor

Once you’ve committed to going solar, you’ll need to find a reputable contractor to work with. Look for licensed and experienced companies that offer top-of-the-line products.

Byers — A Name You Can Trust

At Byers Solar, we have more than 70 years of combined experience in the solar power industry. Our team includes North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) and licensed C46 (solar) contractors. We’re also an Elite Dealer for SunPower®, a trusted manufacturer of the world’s most efficient solar PV system, which means that not only are our technicians specially trained to customize and install SunPower products, but we’re the only company in the area who offers them.

To learn more about the SunPower solar panels we can install on your home, contact Byers today. When you do, remember to ask our associate about the financing options we have available for homeowners who qualify.