How to Cool Your Home When we are Having Record Heat

Jul 08, 2021

Blowing past the previous record high temperature set in 1976, June 17th’s record high temp of 110-degrees was a mere two degrees shy of Sacramento’s hottest day ever for the month of June. Weather experts agree that the current heatwave we are experiencing here in the Sacramento area is likely not going anywhere too soon, unfortunately. Therefore, now’s the time to be thinking about how to keep your home cool when record temperatures are the norm. Read on to learn more:

Install a Whole House Fan

When outside temps are high, everyone’s home tends to hold that hot air within the structure of the house. A whole house fan circulates air, pulling stagnant hot air out of the home and bringing cool air in during the evenings. At Byers, we carry Solatube Whole House Fans, which are ideal for our current heat situation. You can expect a cool down of up to 30 degrees simply by adding a whole house fan to your home. This whole house fan is a good investment because even when temperatures cool down, and you don’t need it as much for keeping your home cool, they are still useful. They help remove trapped odor and allergens within the home all year long.

Don’t Cook

We all have to eat, but if there is any way to avoid powering up the oven or stove during a heatwave, do so. Instead of using your oven, opt for a microwave dinner or even cold sandwiches or cereal. If you want something cooked, grill it outdoors instead of heating your home up more by using the stove or oven. Cold fruit and ice cream are a perfect treat when temperatures are through the roof, so take advantage and use this as an excuse to get a little loose with your standard dinner fare.

Make Sure to Stay Hydrated

Another important way to overcome excessive heat is staying hydrated. This means of course it’s best to avoid anything containing caffeine or alcohol as they can actually dehydrate you which defeats the purpose. Instead, drink lots of water or other types of non-dehydrating drinks. Helpful tip: Keep a few water bottles in your freezer and then move them out, giving you ice-cold water.

Be Mindful When You Exercise

While staying fit is important, it’s also vital that you don’t overheat your body when temperatures are so extremely high. Therefore, it’s best to relegate exercising to either morning or late evening hours when temperatures are cooler. During the hottest part of the day, it’s important to avoid excessive exertion.

Contact us For More Information

While we can’t help you with some of these tips as they are just lifestyle suggestions, we can get you set up with a whole house fan that will help keep your entire house cooler throughout this oppressive heatwave. Contact us today at Byers to learn more about our Solatube Whole House Fans and to get an estimate on the cost for your home specifically. Call today!

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