How to choose your LeafGuard gutter color

Sep 07, 2021

For most homes, the color palette is dominated by two to three colors, that of the roof, the siding, and the trim (doors, shutters, etc.). Your gutters will either match your roof or trim in most cases. Therefore, it is up to you to decide what color scheme you will want for your overall home and your gutters more specifically.

Gutter Colors Available Through the LeafGuard Gutter System

Byers offers the LeafGuard Guttering System in eight primary colors they are as follows:

  • Coal Grey
  • Musket Brown
  • Brown
  • Light Grey
  • Ivory
  • Wicker
  • Eggshell
  • White

You can choose any of the above options for your home’s gutters to either match exactly with your roof, trim or siding or choose an opposite color to compliment it by contrasting with those colors.

Choosing the Right Colors For Your Home’s Exterior

Since your gutter choice will be tied to the overall exterior color pallet of your home, it’s important to make the right choice there first. When people drive up to your home or drive by in their vehicle, one of the first features of your home they will notice is its color. It is your overall color scheme that will give you that curb appeal you so desire. It is your singular most public design choice. Remember, guests will see the color of your home and your gutters well before they ever set foot inside and see any furnishings. This is your first impression! Make it good!

The Basics of Choosing Colors

The size of your home can determine whether you want to aim for light or dark colors. As a general rule, the lighter the color, the larger your home will appear. Therefore, if your home is already on the smaller size, you might want to avoid darker colors, but if your home is spacious and grand, a dark color can look regal. Also, in general, a lighter, bold color will force your home to stand out from its surroundings, while a dark or more natural color palette can help it blend in. Therefore, you have to determine the purpose of your color. Is it to get your property noticed, help it stand out, or is it to subdue it and help it blend into a beautiful landscape?

Don’t Limit Yourself

As mentioned above, your exterior color pallet will include some basic parts. One dominating color, namely your exterior siding color, and then the accent colors that will be on your doors, shutters and trim. Many people opt for a more subdued main color, keeping their siding to a standard lighter color, but use the accent colors, like trim, siding, doors and even gutters to add some stylistic flair by adding a bold or darker color for these elements.

Bottom Line: It’s up to You

In reality, what color you choose to use on your Byer LeafGuard Gutter System is completely up to you. Don’t be afraid to go bold and really have fun with your gutters, using them as an accent piece, or an attention-getter. Of course, if you prefer, you can always match them to the roof or the siding and have them effectively blend in as well. It’s really up to you, just have fun with it! Contact us when you are ready for a free estimate for your own LeafGuard system, color to be determined!

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