How Much Will a Solar Attic Fan Save?

Jan 21, 2020

Solar Attic FanOne easy and affordable way to improve the energy efficiency of your home is to have a solar attic fan installed. A solar attic fan pushes out the hot air that enters your attic through your roof while drawing in cooler air to ensure your home maintains a comfortable indoor temperature. This process also lessens the workload on your air conditioner and can help to lower your energy bills. But how much will you save on your energy bills? Will it be enough to recoup the cost of the solar attic fan and installation service within a few years?

The truth is, installing solar attic fans on your home is less about saving a ton of money over the years and more about improving the overall comfort of your home. While you will certainly see savings on your energy bills – especially if you have more than one fan installed and live in an area that sees abundant sunshine – it will take more than a few years for the system to pay for itself. However, you will be improving the overall comfort of your home and your family members, and it’s hard to put a price on that.

Byers Installs Solar Attic Fans

If you want to discuss adding solar attic fans to your home in Northern California, turn to Byers. We are a leading solar installer serving area homeowners and we’ll be glad to discuss the benefits of going solar with your family. We install Solar Star attic fans from Solatube® that offer industry-leading performance and whisper-quiet operation.

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