How Much Energy Does the Sun Really Provide?

Jun 11, 2019

How Much Energy Does the Sun ProvideSolar energy is renewable, environmentally friendly energy that is collected from the sun. Also known as photovoltaic or PV solar, solar energy is transmitted by the sun and then converted (without producing fossil fuels) into a sustainable source of electricity that can be used or stored. Today, solar power technologies are still new but are increasing in efficiency all the time. So, exactly how much energy does the sun really provide? Well, in a single hour the amount of power from the sun that reaches the earth is more energy than the world consumes in an entire year. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, 430 quintillion Joules of energy from the sun hits the earth each hour; humans use 410 quintillion Joules a year and the average American household uses about 40 billion Joules of electricity.

Take Advantage of the Sun’s Energy by Installing Solar Panels

It’s a fact that all homes could stand to benefit from solar energy. As a matter of fact, more and more homeowners every day are ditching traditional electricity in favor of renewable energy sources. According to the Solar Industry Energy Association, there are around two million homes with solar installations and that number is expected to climb to more than four million by 2023. If you have high electricity bills and live in an area with lots of sunshine, your home could especially benefit from having solar panels installed. In addition to energy savings, solar power also:

  • Reduces your carbon footprint because it only produces clean, renewable energy that doesn’t pollute the air or water and releases no greenhouse gases
  • Prevents energy supply disruptions because it’s generated at home, unlike imported energy which is sometimes unreliable
  • Increase self-reliance and gives you an opportunity to produce energy at home without relying on utility companies

To learn whether solar panels are right for you and your home, contact a solar expert at Byers Solar. We’ll answer any questions you have, provide you with a free estimate and let you know how much you could be saving on your utilities each month by switching to solar.

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