How does a whole house fan cool your home?

Jul 27, 2021

In the middle of summer, your house can feel like a sauna. As the heat is pouring down on your home, is there anything you can do to find relief?

While we depend on our air conditioners to provide cool, comfortable indoor air, more circulation can do wonders for your home. As you may utilize box fans and ceiling fans, there’s one piece of equipment that can take things to another level—a whole house fan.

Keep reading to learn more about whole house fans, including their benefits and how they work.

How These Systems Work

Essentially, a whole house fan works by removing heat from your home. But more than that, these systems eliminate germs and airborne pathogens from the air, leaving you with a clean and welcoming indoor environment.

In homes without a whole house fan, hot air can easily get trapped inside, leaving you with an uncomfortable space and a frustrated family. When one of these systems is installed, you can take advantage of refreshing indoor temps with air that’s constantly circulating.

The typical whole house fan works by pulling cool air inside your home via the windows. Simultaneously, the hot air inside your home is pushed to the attic and outdoors through vents. While an AC unit works to circulate indoor air, a whole house fan replaces that air with cool comfort. This process repeats itself until the desired indoor temperature is achieved.

Cooling More Than Air

When the outdoor temps are high, a whole house fan not only cools indoor air, but it also cools off the home structure and its contents. This includes your walls, attic, floors, and everything else. In fact, a whole house fan can cool your home and attic by more than 30 degrees. This benefit leads to the home staying much cooler overall, even the next day, leading to substantial energy savings.

Clean, Healthy Indoor Environment

When the outdoor temperatures are cold, your home usually doesn’t get much circulation. This can lead to stale, stagnant air that’s filled with impurities and odors. But when a whole house fan is installed, these systems work to flush out these pathogens, leaving you with a clean, safe, and healthy indoor environment.

A whole house fan not only leads to lower indoor temps, but the cool, circulated air can also result in lower energy bills and a healthier indoor climate. Pick up one of these systems today to take your indoor comfort to the next level. 

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