How Can Gutters Potentially Harm My Home?

Nov 25, 2020

How Can Gutters Potentially Harm My Home?When was the last time you thought about the gutters on your home? Odds are, if they’re functioning as they should, they aren’t top of mind for you on a regular basis. But if your gutters are clogged or damaged, you most likely think about them constantly and nervously check the weather report to see when the next rainstorm is predicted. That’s because gutters that aren’t functioning properly can cause major issues for your home, including:

  • Damaging your foundation
  • Rotting wood siding, shingles, and fascia boards
  • Ruining your landscape
  • Creating interior water leaks
  • Growing mold

A Solution From Byers

If you’re tired of dealing with clogged gutters, Byers has a solution for you: Byers LeafGuard® seamless gutters. This one-piece gutter system is backed with a no-clog guarantee that states if your gutters ever do become blocked, we will come out and clean them for free. How’s that for assurance in your investment?

Byers LeafGuard gutters also feature:

  • Durable aluminum that is 20% thicker than standard gutters
  • An attractive finish that won’t chip, peel, or crack
  • Large downspouts to effectively channel massive amounts of rainwater away from your home
  • Troughs that slope independently from the roofline so that water can fully drain from the channel

Your new Byers LeafGuard gutters will be custom-made on site by our team of experienced professionals to ensure a precise fit that seamlessly integrates into the architecture of your home.

Schedule a Free Consultation

A worry-free gutter system is just one call to Byers away! Contact us today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation at your home. We serve residents throughout Northern California.

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