Hope for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Veterans: Depression and Anxiety with Solatube

Oct 15, 2019

Hope for Veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Combating Depression & Anxiety with Solatube

Hope for PTSD Veterans: Depression and Anxiety with SolatubeVeterans oftentimes face a unique set of challenges that can affect their lives in many different ways. The traumatic events that our military service members experience during times of war can go beyond just the physical issues we can see. Post-traumatic stress disorder can be extremely difficult for veterans, often causing them to relive their experiences in combat over and over in dreams and hallucinations. Loud or unexpected noises may be mistaken for gunfire, causing veterans to panic and dive for cover. In many cases, victims of PTSD may be constantly on the alert, always on the lookout for danger or disaster. Because of these challenges, many veterans also suffer from depression and anxiety, living their lives without relief, feeling worn out, and oftentimes hopeless.

How Solatube Products Can Help

Studies have shown that natural light offers many health benefits, including warding off symptoms of depression and irritability, increasing productivity, and improving sleep, which could be beneficial to veterans with PTSD. If you or your loved one suffers from symptoms of PTSD, such as depression or anxiety, adding skylights to your home could help, allowing you to increase exposure to natural light. At Byers, we’re proud to install tubular skylights manufactured by Solatube®. Solatube tubular skylights provide an abundance of varying, natural light that improves mood, productivity, and cognition.

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