Home Hardening in the Wildland Urban Interface Area

Aug 16, 2022

During the Camp fire in Paradise, California, which is the deadliest wildfire ever recorded, 51% of all the homes that were built after the 2000 code change survived. When compared to the older buildings, there was just an 18% survival rate. This means that the California building code changes that require your home to be equipped with several features in order to survive a wildfire have in fact proven effective.

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Code Changes Proving Costly

Today, homeowners who reside in the Wildland Urban Interface Area (WUIA) are now facing the challenge of bringing their homes and businesses up to code in order to keep fire insurance. If you have seen a non-renewal letter in your mailbox pertaining to your own fire insurance, you are far from alone. Thankfully, we offer many services that can help you harden your home and provide the wildfire defense you need to keep your all-important fire coverage.

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Home Hardening Features for Homes in the WUIA

• Class A Roofing: At Byers, we feature UL Class A roof shingles. This type of shingle resists burning embers and is fire rated for this area. Of course, with any shingle, the more debris that’s around your home, the greater the risk of fire. Therefore, it is important to keep your gutters clean and your property well maintained to further safeguard your home and make it more insurable.

• Gutters and LeafGuard Systems: Speaking of LeafGuard Gutter systems, at Byers, you can also have our patented Leafguard system installed. This takes the hassle away of cleaning those gutters, ensuring that your home is not put at an increased risk because of debris build-up on your roof. If you do not have such gutter protection, you could be putting your home at risk as a fire can start from embers flying in the air, landing in your unprotected gutter full of dry debris which makes ideal kindling. You will be happy to note that the Byers Leafguard system meets all WUIA requirements and is a qualified product.

• Land Clearing: Another step you can take to harden your home and keep it safer against wildfires is to remove excess debris from around your home. Also, make sure you do not stack stuff up along your home that could become fuel for a spreading fire that will bring it into your yard and put your home at risk. Make sure leaves are picked up and disposed of as well as sticks or anything else that is lying around. Trim trees that hang over your roof as well.

• Vulcan Vents: Finally, on your way to making your home safer while being part of the WUIA, you will want to know about our Vulcan Vents. These keep embers and flames out of your roof and foundation vents, protecting your home against wildfire. These vents are known as the home’s first line of defense from embers and wildfire flames. Thankfully, Vulcan Vents can be installed in new construction or be added to existing homes. When not protecting against fires, they provide attic ventilation which is helpful as well.

Vulcan Vents breakdown features.

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Keep the above services and products in mind when considering home hardening. While we cannot change the increased cost of insurance to keep your home covered, we can help you make it safer and therefore less of a fire danger risk, which should lead to more insurable property.

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