Get Fresh, Healthy Indoor Air All Year

Oct 15, 2018

As we move into fall and head for the cooler seasons it’s time to consider how to winterize our homes and offices so as to best enjoy the changing seasons with a sense that we have taken steps to keep everything running smoothly and protected from the elements.

In general, at Byers, we find that our clients think of whole house fans in the summer, but the fact is whole house fans are not just about cooling. The EPA tells us that indoor air can be the most polluted air we are exposed to, exceeding ratings for what we may consider unhealthy outdoor air in other parts of the country.  Fireplaces and wood burning stoves further aggravate indoor air quality.

When the weather gets cold outside, it is common to close up the windows. Doing this amplifies the factors that lead to unhealthy air in our homes. Remember how long it takes to get all of the heat out of your home in the summer? The same principle will help you keep your home healthy in the winter.

During the relatively warmer part of the day open your windows for 5–10 minutes to pull in fresh (yes, cold) air into your home with a whole house fan. Then, close it back up. That heat stored in the structure of your home will heat up the cool air very quickly, leaving you with a much fresher, healthier home.

In any season the odors from an active family can take their toll. No one likes the lingering smell of a wet dog, sweaty kids (or spouses in from the gym), or the cooking that lets everyone know you are having fish or deep into Italian cuisine this week. A quick hit from the whole house fan clears these odors in minutes.



When it’s cooler outside than in your home, use whole house fans to pull fresh, crisp, outside air into your living space through your windows. Whole house fans push stale, hot indoor air out through your attic vents,  this replaces stale air with fresh air and improves your indoor living experience. As an added benefit, whole house fans also assist in the reduction of critical allergens.

The whole house fan is a simple system that brings health and comfort to your entire family, year round. Whole house fans require no structural modification to your home. Byers can complete installation with minimal impact on your family and your day. Start the process with a free in-home, no-obligation consultation to help which will help you determine the best whole house fan for you. Typically, Byers can even install a whole house fan the same day.

Give us a call at 800-977-5323. We’ll assess the needs for your home and give you a no-hassle estimate.


$75 OFF any Solatube Product on same day installation.
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