Fire Safety and Covered Gutters

Sep 24, 2019

Fire Safety & Covered Gutters

Prevent Fires with Byers

When it comes to fire prevention, cleaning your gutters may not be a top priority on your fire safety checklist — but in states like California, it should be! Leaves, twigs, pine needles, bird nests, and other debris can easily become kindling for fires. Brush fires, wildfires, and even a spark from a barbeque grill or backyard fire pit can land in your gutters and begin burning the debris. If your roof is also covered in debris, that spark now has the fuel to grow even faster and lead to disaster.

The best way to prevent this from happening is by regularly cleaning your gutters, but this can be a dirty and dangerous task. Fortunately, you can avoid having to clean your gutters altogether by turning to Byers. We are an experienced home improvement company that has helped countless homeowners throughout the area to improve and protect their homes. We can help you prevent dried debris in your gutters from fueling a fire by installing LeafGuard® gutters.

How LeafGuard Gutters Prevent Fires

LeafGuard gutters feature a one-piece design that forms both the hood and the trough out of a single piece of heavy-duty aluminum, resulting in seamless gutter protection. This patented design allows rainwater to flow freely through your gutters and away from your home while shielding your gutters from leaves, branches, pine needles, nests, and other debris. We’re so confident in this product that we back it with our exclusive, no-clog guarantee.

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To learn more about how LeafGuard gutters can protect your home from fires, and how to be Safe & Smart, as well as other benefits of having this unique gutter system installed on your home, contact Byers today. When you do, a member of our team will be happy to answer your questions and schedule a consultation at your home.