Family Matters: Business as Usual!

Apr 24, 2023
Ray Byers Jr. and Ray Byers still find time to have fun as the family business grows and changes in year 31.

A Few Words from Ray Byers Jr.

Whether you want to describe it as luck or fate, I am reminded each day of how fortunate I am to get to work with and learn from my father, Ray Byers Sr. I even get to watch my brother, Cameron, managing large projects, like the new warehouse construction, as we build on the foundation our Dad created.

Of course, even though we are serious each day about delivering the very best service to our clients with exceptional products backed by a great crew and technologically advanced processes, truth be told, we still love a good joke and have fun while getting work done.

From 2004 on, I have dedicated myself to learning each aspect of Byers Enterprises. We have done so much more than I expected, and it continues to be a rewarding challenge.

The writing of Jay Abraham helped change my mindset and prepare me for a proactive growth viewpoint. The key takeaway contends that what got you to where you are today won’t get you to where you want to be tomorrow.

As kids, we were all raised with the ethic that what you put into something is what you will get back, so if you think you are a rockstar in your way, show up and do the things that will make you shine. To this day, I always try to do more than is required for any given task.

Working as a team lets us get a tremendous amount done very effectively. It also means qualified people who know more than one aspect of Byers’ business are available. This is a very important part of delivering consistent service.

Our operations have an aspect of ‘friendly redundancy’ as we elect to promote from within and build our team from scratch, promoting from within.

I guess it’s hard not to take it personally when your picture is on dozens of service vehicles, but that doesn’t stop us from looking ahead or joking a bit at ourselves. It might sound corny, but we go the extra mile. Our name is on each project, and our work teams take great pride in installing only premium, reliable products.

Thanks for stopping by,

Ray Byers ,Jr.

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