Does the color of your roof shingle make your home more or less energy efficient?

Jun 10, 2021

It’s important to understand that while color can impact energy efficiency it is far from the only factor that will make your home more or less energy efficient. For example, while typical black shingled roofs can get 10-15 degrees warmer than lighter roof colors on sunny days, there are ways around this problem if you want a darker color roof but prefer the energy efficiency of a lighter one in terms of keeping your home cooler in the summer months. This solution is all about the materials in which the shingles are made.  


What is the Solution For a Cool Roof in Dark Colors?

Thankfully Owens Corning has a line specifically designed with energy-efficient materials that allow you as a homeowner to choose a deep roof shingle color, while keeping the desired coolness of a lighter choice. This solution is their Owens Corning Cool Roof Collection. We at Byers Roofing proudly offer this line, which is specifically designed to reflect the sun’s energy, absorbing less of the heat than a standard dark-colored shingle. This allows you to choose a darker color option, without reducing energy efficiency in the summer due to heat absorption. 


More About Cool Roof Collection Shingles

Each and every shingle option in the Cool Roof line is formulated with a precise mixture of solar-reflecting granules. This gives it a Reflectance Index that meets the Title 24, Part 6 requirements for California. This is true even with the deeper color options. As a result of improving the way the shingles reflect solar energy, these roofs keep homes cooler and more comfortable in the warmer months, help reduce energy costs and can even extend the roof life in some cases. 


It Helps All Year Round

You might wonder what the benefit of such a roof would be in cooler months, but with the Cool Roof line by Owens Corning, even when temps aren’t sky-high, the Cool Roof line can help improve your home energy costs by keeping the roof cooler all throughout the year. That’s to say nothing of the positive impact they can have on the environment thanks to the fact that they have lower CO2 emissions due to their energy-efficient design. A cooler roof temperature-wise will also mean that the granules on the shingle will be less likely to age quickly. This means that many people find their Cool Roof shingles actually last longer than the regular varieties in many instances. 


Bottom Line: Does Shingle Color Matter in Energy Efficiency?

In short, yes, in most cases, what color shingle you choose will impact your home’s energy efficiency. However, when it comes to the Owens Corning Cool Roof line, the energy-efficient way the shingles are designed outweigh the color factor. This means you can buy a deep shade shingle or darker shingle in this line and still enjoy the same energy benefits of a shingle that is lighter in a regular line. Therefore, if having a darker color shingle is more in keeping with your taste, but you desire the solar reflectiveness of a lighter color option, the Cool Roof Collection is likely a perfect fit. Call us today at Byers Roofing to learn more and the energy efficiency of this line along with other notable benefits. 


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