Do You Need Gutter Guards If You Don’t Have Trees in Your Yard?

Nov 28, 2019

Gutter GuardsAre you tempted to forego the addition of gutter guards just because you don’t have trees in your yard? The truth is, gutter guards are useful even if you don’t have large trees swaying on your lawn and throwing leaves into your gutters. That’s because gutter guards do a lot more than just keep out leaves; they also keep out all other kinds of debris. Plus, they make sure pests and rodents can’t use your gutter system as their new home. You may also want to consider how windy it can get when a strong storm hits your area. It’s likely that a nearby house has at least one tree in its yard. If so, those leaves can be carried over and settle in your uncovered gutters.

Have we convinced you how important gutters guards are for your home? If so, you may be considering your options when it comes to having a gutter guard installed. At Byers, we install a unique gutter system that will allow you to say goodbye to worrying about debris and cleaning out your gutters for good.

LeafGuard® Gutter Protection

LeafGuard® is a patented one-piece gutter system that has a built-in hood that deflects leaves and other debris. It is the leading covered gutter system in the nation and its unique design allows rainwater to travel down and around its curved hood and into the gutter seamlessly. No more rainwater backup or debris to worry about! Plus, since LeafGuard® gutter systems are 20 percent thicker than most other gutters on the market, they provide incredible durability and flawless performance for decades.

To learn more about the LeafGuard® gutter protection offered by the pros at Byers, contact us today. We’ll be glad to tell you why this system is perfect for homes with and without trees in their yards!