Do I Need to Remove my Gutters to Paint my Home?

Aug 17, 2021

The time has come to paint your home, one question you might have among many others is, do you need to remove your gutters for painting? Well, that question doesn’t have a simple yes and no answer. Instead, it depends. If you are careful, you don’t “have” to remove your gutters. However, if you are worried that you will get paint on them and want them out of the way, then it’s best to remove them. Beware, though, that removing them yourself, or allowing a painter to remove them can void your Byers LeafGuard Gutter System warranty. Therefore, it’s vitally important to call us if you have purchased your LeafGuard system from us and let us remove and reattach your gutters once your project is over. This will ensure your warranty remains intact.

More Painting Tips for Home Exterior

Now that we have that question answered and out of the way, let’s consider some more steps you need to take before you tackle the job of painting your home:

  • Clean Your Exterior: Before you begin painting you have to make sure you have a clean surface to work from. You don’t want dirt, grim, and mildew to be trapped underneath a new coating of exterior paint. Therefore, it’s a good idea to pressure wash your home first, before painting.
  • Repair Any Damaged Surface: While you are pressure washing, you will get a good look at every surface of your home’s exterior. Look for damaged surfaces at this time. Then, once your exterior is dry, make sure you repair any damage. You can fill holes and cracks with epoxy filler, then sand lightly.
  • Remove Any Loose Paint: Obviously, before putting on a new coat of paint, you need to remove loose paint that’s already present. Remove this loose paint with a sanding block or paint scraper.
  • Fill in Gaps: If you notice gaps around trim, doors or windows, now’s the time to fill in these gaps with a caulk gun.
  • Look for Stains: Examine the exterior of your home once more. Find any evidence of wood knots or stains. Make sure you apply a primer to these areas using a paintbrush before you begin an overall coat.
  • Protect Lights, Windows, Trim and Doors: This is when it’s time to cover up all the fixtures you don’t want painted with plastic sheets and painter’s tape.
  • Paint Your Exterior: Using a paint sprayer and a flat or eggshell exterior color, begin to paint the exterior of your home. It will depend on the intensity of the hue you choose as to whether or not one or two coats will be needed. Work from top to bottom in a smooth, controlled manner overlapping every eight inches.
  • Go Back and Paint Trim: After your exterior paint has dried remove plastic sheeting and painter’s tape from trim and doors. If they need a refresh, you can paint them using a semi-gloss exterior paint using a paintbrush.

Contact us Today

If you are planning on painting your home’s exterior and want your LeafGuard Gutter System out of the way, contact us today to remove the system for you. Otherwise, be careful and have fun, we can’t wait to see what you will come up with! Happy painting!


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